Happy Customers

Seo Vic customers are so happy!

We have nothing but happy customers. Why? Because we make them busy and busy means we give them happy problems. Whether it’s Victoria Firewood Inc constantly having to increase their production to meet demands or Eco Environmental wrestling with the idea of expansion or Tumbleweed Mowing Services contemplating adding another truck, our customers all share one thing in common. They are growing. Feel free to call our customers and ask what they think of our service.

Victoria Firewood is a proud client of SEOVic

Victoria Firewood Inc Logo

Victoria Firewood Inc. is the Islands biggest and most bad ass firewood delivery service. They were also our first client. Ever since day one of putting up VictoriaFirewood.com, this business has been plagued with the happy problem of being overwhelmed by demand. In all honesty, we think that while the original website we built is really effective and gets great rankings it is also ugly and outdated. So what did we do? We built them more websites that made them even busier. Check out stage two of Victoria Firewood Inc. at FirewoodVictoria.ca. One could say they are stoked they called SEOVic. Stay tuned for stage three!



Eco-Environmental in Edmonton, Alberta

Eco-Environmental is a client of SEOVic

Eco-Environmental is a very successful Asbestos Removal company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. During the spring of 2014 we received a distress call from the owner telling us he was under the unexpected pressure of both buying a new house and having his first child. He needed to generate revenue and he needed to do it fast. A year later Eco-Environmental blew away all of it’s expectations generating almost a million dollars in revenue and continues to thrive even during what is considered to be the worst economic downturn in Alberta’s recent history.




Tumbleweed Mowing is a Victoria based lawn mowing, landscaping and hedge trimming service company owned and operated by Matt. As one of our first clients, we helped Tumbleweed go from non existent to profitable in it’s first year using only organic search traffic.  The original site for Tumbleweed Mowing is outdated and due for reno’s but feel free to check them out at VictoriaLawnMowing.com.  If you would like to check out their new site that is slated to be launched in February of 2016, visit LawnMowingVictoria.com.

Rapunzel Hair Studio in Langford, BC

Rapunzel Hair Studio in Langford, BC

Rapunzel Hair Studio in Langford, BC is an excellent hair salon located in Langford, BC. We built their site in 2015 and within 5 months they landed on the first page under the search keywords “hair salon in langford” among others. On top of managing their website, Rapunzel trusts our team to manage their SEM campaigns on top of their social media pages and accounts.





The First Mortgage Brokerage in Edmonton, Alberta

The First Mortgage Brokerage in Edmonton, Alberta

The First Mortgage in Edmonton is an Invis powered mortgage brokerage website specializing in first time mortgages. A relatively new project for SeoVic, the team at The First Mortgage has entrusted us to build, manage, maintain and run everything related to online marketing. This project is so new that we haven’t even been able to start tracking page rankings but look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress!

99 North Renovations is a relatively new client from Edmonton, Alberta who specializes in renovations and residential construction. We’re just getting started for them but look forward to watching their website climb up the charts over the next couple months.