Who Are We?

Your friendly neighborhood SEO nerds

SEOVic is a relatively new Search Engine Optimization and Graphic Design company based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in SEO for small to medium sized local businesses but offer a wide variety of digital services. Here is a list of the services we provide.

Meet our team!

Although I have been working in this industry for over a decade, I just recently decided to start working for myself. For the time being when I say team or we, I really mean me. 🙂 If you know a talented designer or online marketing nerd who is looking for something fresh, send them my way because we’re hiring.


Sean Ryan Grove – Owner and Founder, SEO, SEM and Advertising Specialist
Hello everybody! I’ve been working on my craft as an SEO ninja since 1999 starting with a paid internship as a junior graphic designer. Since then I’ve had the good fortune of gaining a wide variety of experience that has helped drive millions of unique visitors do all sorts of businesses. So far I have helped generate millions of dollars of revenue for various businesses across the country and even use this on my own local companies. I’m not just an SEO nerd, I’m also an entrepreneur who understands the importance of getting great value from every penny.

In effort to get away from the corporate 9-5 lifestyle, I recently took a step back to start SEOVic.ca. You just can’t pay me enough to sit in an office all day. I work on the beach, in restaurants, on the bus to Mt Washington and pretty much anywhere that I can get free WiFi.

On top of building this company, I am currently very focused on improving video editing, creative content writing, Neuromarketing, social media management and numbchuck skills. When I’m not working hard to get great web rankings you will find me running around Thetis Lake, playing hockey, watching the Jays or Snowboarding at Mt. Washington.