Top 5 SEO Questions

Top 10 SEO Questions

Here at SEO Vic, our prospective clients tend to ask similar SEO questions. Here are the top 10 questions we were asked about search engine optimization in 2016.

How long does it take to get SEO rankings?

Q – The most common question we are asked is how long does it take to get rankings on Google?

A РAchieving search keyword rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines requires patience among other things. It might seem cliché but achieving rankings on Google is a marathon of diligence and consistency. Great results requires a multi-level game plan that is both strategic and creative that is focused on select group of key words that will target the best quality and quantity of potential visitors through organic means. (Organic means free traffic) If you own a well built site that is focused towards the right keywords and supported through a variety of avenues including social media, back link construction and creative content that can captivate an audience, evidence of success should start appearing within 3 to 6 months.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Q – The second most common question we are asked is how much does Search Engine Optimization cost?

A- The average hourly rate for SEO services is $50 per hour for an individual or $100 per hour through an agency. Here at SEO Vic our hourly consulting rate varies between $50 for general work up to $100 for things like graphic design, programming or app development.

Does Social Media Marketing Work?

A – Absolutely social media marketing works! That being said it takes time and creativity to build a following and increase your organic audience. The good news is that once you have captured that audience, the advertising is almost free!

Social media marketing is changing the advertising industry in a dramatic way. Online spending is expected to exceed television by 2017 and that number will only keep going up. In 2017 TV advertising is protected to total $72 billion while 2017 Digital Advertising is projected to total $77 billion.

Should I do PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising?

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a very effective way to attracted a very targeted audience. Whether it’s through Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram or Twitter, these avenues offer excellent analytical feedback that can really help increase your return on investment or ROI.¬† Ask a member of our team about how we target people within a specific demographic in a targeted geographical location today!

Can you guarantee my rankings?

In all honesty, we can’t guarantee rankings and nor can any respectable or ethical SEO. We can however show you examples of websites we have helped optimize and you can see the results we’ve achieved. Beware any one who says they can or tells you they have a strong relationship with Google that can help your rankings. Google rankings can not be bought and even they warn users to be aware of fraudulent companies who claim they can.

Does my domain name affect rankings?

Having a well thought out domain can have a positive impact on rankings however recent algorythm changes have made it less and less relevant for SEO.