Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM / Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the advertisements you see on Google, Bing, Yahoo among other search engines. They are a great way to generate specifically targeted traffic. For example, let’s say you own a catering business that already has strong ranking for the search “catering in Victoria”. You are doing a great job of attracting a wide audience of potential customers but want to specifically target “wedding catering in Victoria”. By placing an add on Google we can easily expand as well or narrow down your target audience. It’s easy to identify the ads at top or on the sides of a Google search as they are marked with a green or yellow tag. These are paid advertisements and we can get you into those positions for a relatively low cost. Aside from generating organic web traffic, this is by far the most cost effective method of marketing. If you are running advertisements on Yellow Pages, in the local newspaper or in magazines we highly suggest you redirect some or all of your budget towards Google Adwords or Facebook ads. Not only can it save you money but it’s a much more effective way of attracting customers who are already looking for what you have to offer. If you were a dentists, would you rather advertise to someone looking for Sudoku or a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush?

We manage Google and Facebook add campaigns

Even when we have built a website and achieved great rankings things can get better by using strategic add campaigns to target the best clients. A great example of this is what we do with Tumbleweed Mowing here in Victoria, BC. During the spring, they get bombarded by phone calls from all over the city by clients looking for mowing services for the season. Tumbleweed’s profitability relies on having tight routes where their trucks can quickly move from one location to the next without wasting time driving. So when their owner has routes that are too loose, we set up campaigns targeted towards specific regions of the city in effort to make his business more efficient resulting in better profitability.

What is Google Analytics?

Website Analytics or Google Analytics is a back end online performance tracking platform provided for free by the geniuses at Google.  By using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster our team can get feedback that tells how well your add campaigns are working, how much organic traffic your site is generating and where we can improve your overall performance. Here we can also identify potential security risks like malware or viruses. The best part is that it gives our customers clear evidence that what we are doing is or is not working. Long gone are the days of simply taking your web developers word for it. Did we mention that the people who write the algorithms at Google are geniuses and that Google is the god of the internet? Praise Google!

What is cost per click?

When one advertises using Google or Facebook, they do so on a pay per click basis otherwise known as PPC. Cost per click is the amount that the advertiser charges for every time a potential customer clicks on your advertisement. Depending on the level of competition within your market this can vary but we don’t usually spend more than fifty cents per click for most searches.