How much does a website cost?


How Much Does A Website Cost?

how-much-does-a-website-costThe most frequent question our potential clients ask is “How much does a website cost?” When you team up with SEOVic, you are getting a lot more than just a website. You are getting a marketing partner that is investing time, energy and money into your business. Here is what you get when you team up with SEOVic and how much it costs.

Planning – The first step towards building a great website for your business is coming up with a game plan. We need to sit down with you and or your team and identify your strengths, weakness, competition, potential clients and market segments. At that point we can start creating a timeline of goals we look forward to accomplishing together.

Expectations – Once we have planned out a marketing strategy, our team will sit down with your team and come up with a listed timeline of goals and expectations. These will include traffic, sales, conversion rates and what you expect to see within the first two months of our business relationship.

Construction – After sitting down for coffee and getting our ducks in a row, it’s time for the fun part. Let’s build a website for your business! This is a two stage process that generally take a week or two. The first thing we try accomplish is figuring out a design that works well with your business. Once you have given us a thumbs up on a the overall design and layout, we begin to filling in the pages with content, pictures and videos that captivate your audience and convert potential clients into loyal customers.

Optimization – So your site is up and it’s looking good! Now it’s time for us to work out magic and start generating organic traffic by optimizing your website. This is an ongoing process that never really ends if you want to maintain a top ranking. This is also main ingredient that separates us from our competition. Our goal is to at the very least get you onto the first page for your main target keyword. What does this mean? Let’s pretend your business is a lawn mowing company in Victoria, BC. Your target keyword is going to be Lawn Mowing Victoria so our goal is to make sure that anyone who searches for “Lawn Mowing Victoria” sees you on the first page or better yet, in the first spot on the first page.

Maintenance – As part of your online marketing and design package, we are constantly keeping track of your rankings and making adjustments to make your site even better. Our team will give you monthly performance reports that identify strengths, weaknesses and areas that need attention.


let-us-build-your-websiteCost – SEOVic uses a very simple 4 tiered billing platform that is entirely based on results. If we don’t earn the results you desire, we don’t get paid.

Tier 1 – Web Design and Development

From top to bottom, most websites cost between $2000+ to build including 20+ hours of work not including maintenance. To get started we will need a down payment of $1000. As we said earlier, if we team up with your business it means we believe in what you are doing and our initial investment is the other half of the initial cost. So where does the $2000 go?

Both parties are investing about $1000 into the ongoing success of your business.

Tier 2 – First Page Web Rank

Once your site is up and starts earning rankings, our goal is to get you onto the first page. This generally takes us four to six weeks depending on the competition. The incentive for us to reach this goal is a $300 monthly bonus.

Tier 3 – Top Five Web Rank

Once your site is on the 1st page of your #1 keyword, we want to get you into the top 5 of that page. (paid adds are not included in the top 3) Our goal is to achieve this within the first 6-10 weeks upon completing your website. Our incentive to reach this goal is a $400 monthly bonus.

Tier 4 – #1 Web Rank

This is the ultimate goal. We want you to be the absolute first thing people see when they are searching for your target keyword. Ideally this will take our team 10-14 weeks to achieve but any SEO who guarantees these kind of results isn’t being honest. Our incentive to reach and maintain this goal is a $600 monthly bonus.


So to answer your question in short, a website from SEOVic will cost you $1000 up front with a performance bonus incentive that will cost you nothing if we don’t achieve the results we want. As we move your website up on the Google ranks, your cost will max out at $600 per month but by then your site will be getting heavy loads of specifically targeted traffic that will amount to big sales. You will busier than you ever imagined. We win when you win.