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What is SEO and How Does it Work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of strategically building and optimizing a website in manner that makes it easy for Google to understand then proving to Google that it is legit. When you break it down, Google wants to know four basic things. Who are you? What is your website about and what do you have to offer? If your website is for a local business, where is it located? Why should people visit your website? Once Google’s famous algorithm has figured this out, it’s going to search through your website for supporting documents that prove your website is more important than your competition.

When a website is optimized in an effective way, it can earn rankings on Google as well as other Search Engines.  These rankings drive free web traffic to your website that is proven to result in more customers! This traffic is also known as organic web traffic or natural traffic and it can be extremely powerful for businesses.

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Thanks to the secretive geniuses the write the algorithms at Google, SEO works in mysterious ways that no Search Engine Optimizer can truly explain or understand entirely. Some SEO’s understand it better than others but at the end of the day it’s part science, part an art and part gamesmanship. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster offer tips, hints and suggestions but it’s up to the user to come up with a game plan. By using the perfect mixture of creative content, accurate tagging, supportive social media plus a few tricks and tools, websites can increase their rankings over time. This game isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and those who consistently work towards engaging viewers with quality content win.


What is Web Content?

Content is the writing, pictures, video and all the great stuff on a website that keeps the audience interested. Whether it’s information about a subject, pictures or videos, content is king when it comes to building a website and here is why. Google’s algorithm uses what is called a bounce rate as one of it’s most important measurements to figuring out if your site is interesting to the viewer. Bounce rate is the measurement of how long it takes for the viewer to leave your site after arriving. It sort of makes sense right? If people are searching for something, find your site then leave quickly and go back to their original search, it probably means your site didn’t give the viewer what they were looking for. Google rewards websites that help people find what they are looking for.

People who specialize in writing content are known as content writers or creative content writers. The best creative content writers understand the fine art of gathering information, organizing it and then writing it in a manner that is original, helpful, entertaining and engaging for the viewer. All while balancing the usage of targeted keywords that coincide with tags and links that helps Google organize it within it’s search engine. Without giving away too much information, Google wants to know the who, what, where, why and how about your business.

Never copy and paste content!!!

We run into a lot of do it yourself SEO’ers who read about how content is king and want to captivate their audience. So they go out and find great articles, videos or pictures and then copy and paste them onto their sites. DO NOT DO THIS. During 2012-2013 Google released an algorithm you might have heard of called Panda that essentially slaps your site in the mouth if you steal content. Once a site is blacklisted by the infamous Panda algorithm, it can take months to get it back if you are lucky!


What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words within your content that summarize the information a website or webpage is targeting. For example, this page is about Search Engine Optimization so the main and most important keywords are SEO and or Search Engine Optimization. The secondary keywords for this page would be related to helping people understand the basics of SEO. So my next most important keywords would be Keywords, Content, Organic Traffic, Rankings and Victoria among a few others. A good creative content writer would do his or her best to include these keywords throughout the page in way that doesn’t overwhelm Google but makes sure it knows that that’s what this page is about. The technical term for this is Keyword Density.


What are Web Rankings?

Rankings are the order in which a website appears on Google or other Search Engines and the difference in results between page 1 and page 2 are staggering. For any search result, the top three links get almost 50% of the clicks with the top ranking link earning over 35% of the clicks. This percentage in which a potential customer clicks on a search engine link is referred to the Click Through Ratio (CTR). Be sure not to confuse organic search rankings with paid search rankings. Paid search rankings are bought through Google Adwords and this side of the industry is referred to Search Engine Marketing.


How long does it take to achieve a #1 rank on Google?

This is the most frequently asked question we get at SEO Victoria and it does depend on the circumstances. The short answer is that if your site is built the right way, it takes about 6 months for Google to really start showing some results. I found a great article about how long it takes to get SEO ranking written in Forbes magazine by Josh Steimle that goes a little more into detail.

The best Search Engine Optimization experts all have two very basic things in common. They are honest and they pick their battles. Here at SEO Victoria we only take on battles where we believe a top page ranking can be achieved within 6-8 months. It would be silly and dishonest for me to tell a potential client that we can get them top rankings vs Coca-Cola, the NFL or Mercedes Benz. Here at SEO Victoria, we specialize in localized searches for small to medium businesses. We don’t believe that we can beat massive corporations with unlimited budgets however if we take you on as a client it means we do believe we can beat your competition within 6-8 months

Although we do occasionally take on clients from around the world, SEOvic is specialized towards achieving high ranks for service companies that are local to Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island. We work with service based companies lawn mowing, cleaning services, hair stylists, plumbers, contractors, trades people, mortgage brokers and so on. We also work with professionals like lawyers, doctors, dentists and accountants. We can’t guarantee rankings but we can show you the companies we’ve succeeded with. Go ahead, Google them to see the results!

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